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The Still Point

“If you can slow down enough
you will see me
beholding you
beholding you
in such an extraordinary way.”



The Still Point
Kim Gillingham

Calming the nervous system and entering an open state of creative relaxation.

Two Separate Sessions.
Come to one or both:

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Tuesday, February 26, 2018
10:30am – 12:30pm

Silverlake — The Loft

Through breath, sound and gentle movement we will seek to calm the nervous system, release patterns of haste and stress and rest in the still point. 

In an environment of increased distraction and agitation it becomes imperative for the artist to develop a method of reliable contact with the creative source. From there we can find fresh material to bring back to the culture through our artistry. These classes will explore this practice. Working with gentle, subtle movement, sound, breath and guided relaxation, we will seek to calm the nervous system, release patterns and rest in the still point. Different modalities will be taught each session and an hour of practice will follow.  An audio file of the 'drop in' will be available to participants of the class for continued home practice to encourage our systems to reset, re-pattern and bloom into our inherent potential.

Limited to an intimate group of 7 participants for each session.  

Each class is led by Kim Gillingham.

Tuition for class is $100.

Scholarship / financial aid positions are available.
Please ask.

By application only. Please click APPLY below and fill out the form including a brief note speaking to your interest in the work, any experience with somatic, inner and creative work.

You will be contacted shortly if we are able to place you in class or include you on the wait list.