Collaborate with the unknown…

Creative Dream Work offers access to the rich and undiscovered content of the unconscious allowing artists of all disciplines to create more authentic work.






Creative Practice

Please join us for an immersive afternoon of creative exploration.

Working privately within the group container, we will drop in and creatively encounter and express material from the unconscious.  

Led by Kim Gillingham

April 26
12:00pm – 4:30pm



Writing From the Unconscious

Unearth new ways of approaching written work by making contact with the unconscious.

Each class will explore a different element of writing, be it dialoguing with character, exploring an environment, or working with an object/symbol. Explore a nascent idea or a life’s work. Writers and artists at all stages of writing projects are welcome. Limited to 7 students.

Led by Amanda Lovejoy Street

April 14
2:00pm – 5:00pm



The Loft Sessions

Open and explore.

For those who prefer working in a smaller group — The Loft Sessions offer a grounded space to experiment with different ways to make contact with the unconscious and rouse your soul. Limited to an intimate group of 7 practitioners.

Led by Amanda Lovejoy Street

April 17
7:00pm – 10:00pm



"Now is the moment to develop and commit yourself. For we are getting nearer and nearer to the subconscious and the more subtle our work, the better conditioned our physical instrument must be to express it. The work you are doing is difficult, impossible, essential.”