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Creative Practice

“Shut your eyes and see.”



Creative Practice
Kim Gillingham

Drop in.
Deepen your creative practice.
Carry it into your life.


Friday, February 22
12pm – 4:30pm
East Side Los Angeles — Frogtown

The Creative Practice was developed to provide a safe, sturdy environment in which to truly practice the weaving of inner work and creative work. Working privately within the group container, we will drop in and creatively encounter and express material from the unconscious. Our day will include work with material from the unconscious, the body, breath, voice and sometimes.. each other.

This full day class is open to new and returning students — artists and others. Nothing performative required.

Class is led by Kim Gillingham.

Tuition for class is $180.

Financial aid and work-study positions are available.
Please ask.

If this is your first time taking Creative Practice, please write to Tori and tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in the work.

Class size is limited due to the nature of the work. If you click the above link and find that it’s already filled, please email Tori to join the waitlist. You will receive notice if a spot opens. Refunds will be available if someone from the wait list is able to take your place. Our wait list is released 48 hours before class. You are responsible for your tuition after this time.