Founded by Kim Gillingham in 1999, Creative Dream Work helps artists and creative professionals create authentic work and live more authentic lives by teaching them how to access and integrate rich, undiscovered material from the unconscious.

The foundation of this work springs from the theories of Carl Jung, the preeminent psychologist who pioneered our understanding of the unconscious as the source of all great art and true creative expression.


Kim Gillingham leads Creative Dream Work. She coaches professional artists of all mediums toward the creation of singular, authentic work and has been doing so for over eleven years. Kim’s experience coaching world-class artists combined with her interest in Jungian psychology has yielded this powerful approach to creative work, performance technique and personal development. She continues to study with the eminent Jungian analyst and author Marion Woodman and was once a protégé of acting coach Sandra Seacat. Kim is based in Los Angeles and teaches throughout the world.

Amanda Lovejoy Street has been working with her dreams since she was a teenager. She has formally studied Creative Dream Work since 2005 with both Sandra Seacat and Kim Gillingham. She has apprenticed Kim since 2015 and has been teaching individuals and groups since. She has also been practicing mindfulness meditation since 2008 with Michael Taft and Shinzen Young.

Derek Simonds is a screenwriter, director and acting coach who has studied Jungian psychology and dream work for over 6 years. He has worked with Kim Gillingham in numerous workshops and currently teaches dream work classes and offers private coaching for artists in both New York and Los Angeles. Derek graduated from Yale University and studied acting, writing and directing at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and USC. As a filmmaker, Derek wrote and directed the independent feature, Seven and a Match, and has several other projects currently in development.

Ronit Kirchman is an LA-based composer, music producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, author and educator. She creates music for film, TV, theater, dance, installations and the concert stage, and performs internationally. In her teaching, Ronit brings a continuing study of healing modalities, meditation, creative cognition, dream and ritual, and embodied awareness. Ronit holds a from BA Yale University and MFA from CalArts, and is a guild-certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. She offers private coaching and teaches workshops in creative development, performance practice, integrated narrative, the expressive body and musical improvisation.