Creative Practice

An immersive afternoon of exploration.

This monthly class gives opportunity to practice the work in a safe and sturdy environment. Working privately within the group container, we will drop in and creatively explore material from the unconscious working with dreams, the body, breath, voice and sometimes, each other.

Led by Kim Gillingham


Open Swim

Nourish your creative independence.

For those who prefer working in a smaller group Open Swim offers a supportive and structured space in which to nourish your own creative practice. There will be a guided drop in, including work with the body and breath to relax the central nervous system, make room to release habitual patterns and make contact with the unconscious. The space will then be held for you to explore artwork, active imagination and work privately with your creative material.  Prompts and guidance will be available as much — or as little — as you desire. Different themes and tools will be explored each month.

Led by Amanda Lovejoy Street


Writing From The Unconscious

Unearth new ways of approaching written work by making contact with the unconscious.

There will be a guided drop in with breath and body to land in a meditative state where we will explore our creative work through voice, gesture and embodied imagination. We will then come up and bring what we discovered into writing. Before we close, we will circle up and speak to what we found and share or not share the written work

Led by Amanda Lovejoy Street


The Nervous System

Calming the nervous system and entering an open state of creative relaxation.

In this current environment of increased anxiety and agitation, it becomes imperative for the artist to develop a method of reliable contact with the creative source. We will seek to calm the nervous system, release patterns of haste and stress and find the still point. 

Led by Kim Gillingham


Develop Your Work

A semi-private workshop.

Gathering in a small cultivated group of peers this series gives room and guidance for bringing your work up and through. We will drop in- working with body, breath, voice to contact creative source and then each participant will have a 30 minute segment to explore the work and be guided. Limited to 5 students.

Led by Kim Gillingham

The Lab_Small.jpeg

The Lab

A Workshop for Seasoned Dream Workers

Lab workshops are by invite only. They are curated for those who have done a retreat or extensive private work. The Lab allows you to dive deeply and work with less instruction and more privacy. There’s opportunity to explore off the grid, follow your instincts and do what is right for you and your artistry ... be it to rest, or dare, or work, or explore whatever you need to practice — all within a safe, sturdy, discreet container. If you usually work only in private sessions, or have increased need of privacy this would be a good class to try.

Lab workshops are led by Kim Gillingham

November 3, 2017
12:00pm – 4:30pm

To inquire about participating in The Lab, please contact Tori.








I believe that we learn by practice and practice means to perform over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire.