The Tools of Creative Dream Work


* A New Monthly Workshop *

The Tools of Creative Dream Work
Kim Gillingham

Build the Bridge.
Explore the tools of our practice
and how to bring it out to the world.

Friday, May 26, 2017
12pm – 4pm

What are the essential tools of Creative Dream Work? This new monthly offering was developed to know with more depth the practical tools of our work and assist in creating a tangible bridge between the studio and your creative life out in the world. In each session we will take time to slow down and study a specific aspect of the creative dreamwork practice. Class will be experiential and include work with the body and voice, guided dream work and teaching. Come in with a dream or creative project to work with — leave with an embodied experience of a practical method with which to engage in your inner work.

This month we will work to recognize the different figures in the dream and continue with “dream walk throughs” as a way to viscerally understand dream work, active imagination, dynamics and belief systems.

Open to artists of all disciplines.

Tuition for class is $180
(parking included)

Scholarship / financial aid positions are available.
Please ask.


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Class size is limited due to nature of the work. If you click the above link to register and find that it’s already filled, please email Tori to join the waitlist. You will receive notice if a spot opens. Refunds will be available if someone from the wait list is able to take your place. Our wait list for class is released 48 hours before class. You are responsible for your tuition after this time.

Thank you for your interest!

With my respect and care,
Kim Gillingham